Camp Testimonial from Gravelbourg & Balcarres!

October 22nd, 2019


We had the absolute privilege and distinct honour of being one of two communities selected for the inaugural Adam Herold Legacy Foundation Hockey school.  The program was extremely well ran by the Foundation organization members and we were consulted with on a professional like basis to ensure that our needs were met and that everything was done to ensure the hockey school was carried out at the highest level.  Evidence of Adam’s spirit unto which the program was carried out was evident everywhere.  The kids received a high level of instruction on the ice from incredibly well regarded instructors like Mike Blaisdell, Brent Bobyck, Darren McKechnie, Todd Liskowitch, Jordan Trach and a host of others who helped out over the course of the weekend.  The kids and parents received an excellent in class session which really painted a wonderful picture of the type of person Adam was; that person being a small town kid not unlike all of those in the room and it was a very relatable story for kids and parents alike.  The kids were asked to “Pay it forward” and do something in their community which would benefit others, something Adam regularly did throughout his life and I cannot imagine a better message to leave kids with than that of giving back and creating the next level of “good.”  In its first year, the Adam Herold Legacy Foundation Hockey School did not stumble with organization, its message or its quality which is an incredibly hard thing to do when launching a major concept such as this.  At Gravelbourg Minor Hockey, we have four core values which we have aptly named our Guiding Stars and they are as follows: Fun, Development, Safety and Sportsmanship.  This program certainly aligned with all four of our Guiding Stars and left our kids with so many more intangible benefits.  I would strongly recommend that if anyone has a chance to have their child participate in this program that they make every effort to do so as it will not only broaden their hockey based skills but leave them with so much more.  I urge anyone with interest in this program to reach out to me anytime as I truly believe in the very essence of this program which is deeply rooted in everything Adam was; a leader, hardworking, community member, loving son and brother, and teammate.  Thank you to the Herold Family and Legacy Foundation Board for what I can only describe as a truly humbling experience.


Jordan Brisebois

Gravelbourg Minor Hockey



To whom it may concern;

Balcarres Minor Hockey felt very fortunate to have the Adam Herold Legacy Foundation host a hockey school in our community. The hockey school was first rate and the instructors were very personal and knowledgeable.

The instructors even took time to host a group of local coaches and talk hockey for over an hour which was great for all involved to realize we all have the same issues at all levels of hockey.

The Foundation was easy to work with and very professional. They had an emphasis on skill development; however they added a leadership component that struck home with lots of our minor hockey players and parents.

Any community should feel lucky to have this organization come to their community, I know Balcarres would love to have them back anytime!

Curtis Geisler

BMHA President